Of course I should never have put all that color on the canvases. It’s for sure always going to not be one of the colors in the list the design people gave me. I finally got the list…..pasted it up on a piece of paper near the easel wall and stared. Then I took a nap hoping that I would know the answer when I woke up.

I don’t know that I know the answer yet but I have the whole thing covered with paint. Of course I should have toned the darn canvas as I usually do but didn’t. Little tiny holes of white peeked through………so what the heck, I reverted to my usual mode of operation …GO FOR IT……..put something down, I can always cover it up again later. I find that it adds to the mystery in the layering…..but takes a long time and a lot of paint. So instead of mixing in my usual way, it was get out the big gallon of white….add color to it, keep adding color until I got enough of it to just start layering it on ….knife in one hand, brush in the other. Then I made up two more huge piles of paint and did it again…….and on and on. …subdued lavender and not on the list of colors, but I’m sure I know what I’m doing :>)…Whew……finally stopped for the day but those three big panels all have a good amount of paint on them….with only a hint of that beautiful amber showing. This painting will have lots of cooler mid and dark greens,blues with a hint of violet, a few neutrals, dark and light……..that is, if I follow the color scheme and don’t get off track. Also accents of a vibrant yellow, red and white………..SO MANY COLORS……..will have to be careful. 8640 square inches is a lot of canvas to cover with very many layers.

Hopefully it won’t die on me overnight and I can go back and just keep on and on until I like what I see.

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