Yes…I have been working,… a LOT for the past couple of days now that I know the color range for my commission. I have no idea if this work will be what the design people have in mind, but I like it so far. There may be some tweaks to be made…simplifications or emphasis made, etc. Since this is an open design, I’ve thought about adding more of the darks in the upper section and running off the top…..but it’s not really necessary. I didn’t want a painting with a horizon and didn’t want to get too much of what I think of as impressionism. This is an abstract painting with a theme of marshland or intercoastal waterways on the gulf of Mexico.

Stay tuned to see if I have to do anything else to it or change it.

After I wrote the above, I tried for a LONG time to upload the picture of the painting and it refused to load. I’ll just try again today……….BUT now things have changed. The designer says, “I thought it would have more dominance of darks”….”I don’t know about those lavender grays”……so I’m printing out a hard copy and having trouble getting it to look fairly right to send. It won’t be received until next week so I think I’ll do a little adjusting in a few places and paint side of canvas (that is a chore) and wait. Printing it out also brought to the fore an idea that it might work better turned upside down as well. Something to think about anyway.

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