I’m finally back from my trip down to south Louisiana to deliver the large painting. My friend Pat and I got there at noon on Friday. They were there to meet us and unload at the door to the new addition to the hospital.

After we got in and met the workers who would install, we decided we had plenty of time to look around and watch. It was great to actually be there to see where your work will be hung. It’s not often artists get to do this. They may find out who owns the work but never see it in it’s new environment. They started out hanging the middle panel first…all in all it was probably a little over an hour. Sure doesn’t look so big up on that large wall.

The volunteers at the desk and various others coming in and out all made comments on what it could be. Some saw the marshland right away..others thought they could find a fish camp, water, whatever came to their imagination. People not familiar with abstraction are always trying to find “things”. I was happy that many told me they liked it even if they weren’t too familiar with this kind of work. I had a hard time keeping from laughing when one woman brought someone over and looked up and said “I wonder what they would pay me to do one of those”.

The designer took us on a tour of the new wing and I also got to see the two they bought from me previously (oops, I forgot to format those pics..maybe later). She has done a wonderful job with the new designs if I say so myself.

Too bad I don’t know much about html so I could figure out what I did to get all these pictures in weird order and the formatting of the text in helter-skelter fashion. Oh well.

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