It’s been a week since I got back from the trip to deliver the commission. I did take a little break for a few days I have to admit.

Saturday morning bright and early I got up and went to meet with some four friends (mostly artists) to head to BIG D and the Dallas Art Dealers art walk…or maybe I should say art DRIVE in Dallas. I do admit that many of the galleries we went to are clustered in the area out in the design district now or some more around the Uptown area on Fairmount near my daughter’s condo. We also made the trip over to the old Wilson Historical district to visit the Dallas Center for Contemporary Art on Swiss Ave. They had a show of Nic Nicosia’s work up. Although photography is not a big deal for me, my favorite piece was a silver gelatin photo with oil tint titled, Act 5.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here……….first we went over to pick up my daughter and then we headed to a gallery on the way to eat lunch at Bice Ristorante at the Crescent Court.

Then we traveled out to the design district and started making the rounds of the contemporary galleries like Craighead-Green, Holly Johnson and Conduit Gallery. There seems to be a new gallery to show some local art located on Dragon St…ArtZen. It will be interesting to see what happens when they show a lot of local north Texas artists.

We went back to Uptown and visited the beautiful Gerald Peters Gallery and were wowed by the fact that the show not quite opened yet had red dots on most of the paintings……and we’re talking $75,000 each here, friends. Then we walked across to the Goss Gallery but didn’t end up having time to get down to the Fairmount Gallery before heading over the the Contemporary mentioned earlier. The Barry Whistler gallery over near the Contemporary also had a good show of minimalist work up. Oh yeah….then there is the Brown and Dunn Gallery on farther up off McKinney. Usually I like visiting this gallery but it was just a little too off the wall this time around…….Michael Smith and Joshua White’s installation called Take Off Your Pants. Helen Altman’s work was interesting though.

Ended our day at the Taco Diner over in the West Village and called it a day………..a LONG day. Next time we need to try to make it over to the Meadows to see the changes that have been made the past year or so….maybe a museum trip next time.

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