Everything but the kitchen sink …..or travel light! That’s always the question when it comes time to go to Mississippi Art Colony.

I don’t have any big shows coming up to work toward right now. I have a lot of new water based intaglio inks made by Akua I could be playing around with for monotypes. I have quite a lot of canvases ranging from small squares to large squares with a few big rectangles thrown in……..lots of papers, and lots of stuff to choose from. Too much stuff to choose from is more the point. I even bought two more rolling carts to haul all the stuff.

Sunday and Monday are sorting it out and packing it up days……Then head out early Tuesday morning going east on I-20. I’ve missed the last two retreats due to the Katrina aftermath and the France residency in April……. so I’m ready to reconnect with my old friends again. So much is learned by being around other artists for regular periods of time……..talking about what’s going on in our lives, goals, successes and sometimes failures and disappointments. We get to see what the others have been up over the last six months.

Canvas will probably be what I take as the inks and all the paraphenalia that goes with them will be hard to fool around with there in the pavilion. My intent is to use them more for printing papers to be used in mixed media work later anyway. …best left for the studio here.

So tomorrow it is drag out the easel, and everything else and just see how much stuff I can take. I always tell myself, I don’t really have to have so much. Whatever I really need I’ll have………hopefully, that’s my brain!

And, I hear they have wireless internet connections now…….Whoopee!

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