I always load up most of my art supplies on the afternoon/evening before I head out to Colony. That way I can throw in the rest (unimportant clothes)and get on my way fairly early the next morning.

I just got back in from hauling it all out to the SUV to start to load. My husband, bless his heart, always says, “let me help you”………. then he starts saying, “you’ll never get all this stuff in there, you’re taking too much…how will you ever paint that many canvases in less than a week?”…….finally throwing his hands up in defeat and going back in while I shift and move and move and shift until I get it all in.

He’s right that I probably can’t get anything that looks too good on all 12-13 canvases BUT, one time I decided I usually just came home with about 5 paintings so I took 5 good size canvases….and guess what….you got it, I painted like there was a magician in the brush and ran out of canvas and had to borrow paper from people with extra. This time, at least, I’m not taking any collage materials so I’m not taking paper either…….and 6 of the canvases are small squares.

Now to wish for another magician in the brush time to appear.

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