I haven’t been back long from the art retreat in Mississippi. During the time there we had a wireless connection….BUT, it never seemed to want to connect during any time I could sit down to make a blog entry. We’re always painting, talking, or eating anyway so when could I gather a thought to write??

This is one of the first paintings I started during the time there….30 x 30″ acrylic on canvas….this one, with a cobalt blue underpainting. I don’t think I’ve ever used cobalt blue as tone for under-painting and I needed to do something different so this was it. The second one didn’t turn out to be a companion to this one after all so I’ll post it along later. And wait until you see the weird combination of lavender, red, black and white…or Hum….you may never see it. I’ll decide later.

We had wonderful cool mornings and sun most days so the weather was really pleasant this trip.

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