Well leave it to me……I finally got back to the studio yesterday to put the finishing touches on a couple more paintings started at Colony. I was putting away pint jars of paint, etc. and just used my foot to push a carton out of the way. I promise, it was not that heavy…but I immediately felt something strange and I had a pulled something in the left upper hip. Now I ask you, have you ever pulled anything THERE? Not I. I’m still kinda moving around like an old lady (no comments on that) getting up and down. And the Aleve commercials on TV …I remember it being such a miracle. Let me tell you it doesn’t work on pulled muscles in the upper hip.

Today the plan is to take a couple of photos of two more paintings I think are finished…..wish I could think of some titles that would show some variety, but so far…nothing. I’m getting tired of the same ole, same ole. Any ideas?

If I get them done early, I’ll post with this blog entry.

Well…I hauled them out to the fence with the appropriate black felt background. I took slides and digitals and then came in to work on them for the blog. The high-res images look great on my monitor but the re-sized for the web ones are “pixelated” looking. I even decided to use less sharpening but that didn’t help either. I don’t know why as it should be the other way around on pixelation. I’m posting the two anyway….the horizontal one (30 x 40) also has the cobalt blue under-painting but in this one, it hardly shows. The other (48 x 36) has a quinacridone gold under-painting. Golden no longer makes this color so I might as well use it up…one more pint jar to go.

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