Pulling hair…….or that’s the way you feel after trying to figure out how to fix over 102 pages on a website. I’ve worked off and on for days trying to get the backgrounds and both shared borders of all pages the same. Seems like I just got darker and darker over the past year or so for the background color making new pages, too. Now, it might be very light on some monitors but lighter is better than too much a middle value khaki. I, also was ready to hurl this keyboard trying to figure out why I couldn’t get the changes to my page links moved from the top to the side on all pages………finally figured it out but it had to be done one at a time although you are SUPPOSED to be able to click change for all pages. I still am not able to get the colored text on the top to show on the internet….but maybe later. A little ho-hum maybe, but if it gets too colorful or busy it takes away from the art….or worse, clashes with the colors in the art as I change them out.

Wish I could comprehend CSS so I could have side navigation with no underlines but such is my muddled brain……..not to be.
Heck I even saw 3-4 collages with no page of their own….and I have several new paintings that aren’t up either so ………..more pages to add. After I recover from the basic re-do. Most people won’t even notice that I’ve changed anything. But take it from me, lots of stuff has been deleted and some links page info deleted, etc. I still plan to do a little more of that on the main links page…………but those three little paintings on the wall easel are calling to me first.

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