Woo-woo……….got a dozen new 12 x 12″ Ampersand panels from Jerry’s yesterday. Asleep last night…. all night, I had ideas spinning around in my head about what to do with them. I know nothing is NEW in the world of art but I plan to put these panels together as a group of four and just have an inkling about how I want to do it. Maybe it will be a little different than the way others have presented theirs.

So I say,…… “hold on there, first things first“………….gotta get the other pieces I’m working on finished before I get to work on something new. I can’t have another half finished piece staring at me from the floors, walls, easel or shelf. I do like to work on several at a time but this has just gone too far.

My helper around here did assist in breaking down a lot of shipping boxes I had in the closet causing me no end of problems trying to find stuff when I went in to look for something…….and helped with putting them WAAAY up on the top deep shelving, too. I need a certain amount of space to feel like I’m not totally closed in when I’m working and I hope this does it. You can’t work without supplies and you can’t work when too many pile up around you……….so what’s a person to do? Get a larger studio. I have an idea that however much room you have, sooner or later an artist will fill it up and be back at the same place all over again in a short time frame.

While cleaning up stuff in shelves and looking to see what frames I had available, I found these two collage pieces again ………I made them in France and found that lucky me, I have two square maple frames that will work for them……….but I have to have get around to looking for the Plexiglas first. Cat’Art 13 became the title to this one …I’d also forgotten that I tried to load a couple of these in France and Blogger turns them around and I can’t figure out how to get them turned right. It doesn’t make any sense at all that the program would rotate an image around like this…….oh well….the bottom is showing on the right side in this view, so crook your head toward your left shoulder.

Hum, “what to do, what to do??” varnish work and put on hangers, frame and mat work, work on unfinished stuff, start playing with new supplies……decisions, decisions. Also, considering….does this collage need a little more surface quality???………NO NO NO…I can’t add another thing to my “to do” list today.

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