So much for the “getting into the studio” yesterday afternoon. You know how it goes, clean things up, put up shipping stuff……. and then it’s time to suddenly ship something out. At least that box was on the very top of the pile in the closet. So I spent time packing up work and taking it to FedEx for shipment that afternoon. Once I get out of the house, my time suddenly is just gone.

The company that does my reproduction giclees, American Artist Series, wanted some more work so I packed up a couple of collages (the ones from the last post) and three more of the Brown/Black series for him.

Nita Leland’s demo for SWS will be next Wednesday at 7pm. It will be nice to see her again while she is in Dallas for a workshop.

I, also, upgraded to the new blogger beta……..hope this one works better for images. Heck…I was going to test it out but have already cleared those problem images off my desktop and have no time to go looking for them in the trash bin.

I just now noticed that part of this blog got left off from loading yesterday….weird. So I went back to try to change it. I’ll see what happens…so much for the updated Blogger so far.

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