Nine lives………I sure hope this canvas doesn’t have nine incarnations. So far this must be the fourth in the series. It started out as a large golden painting……then a large Brown/Black
…then morphed into something with a lot of turquoise and I was thinking of turning it into a painting titled Raku since it reminded me of a new little raku pot I bought at the Edom, TX art fair.

That’s the problem with acrylic… if/when you work on it, you have to work all over it to keep the freshness of brush strokes and thought going. Working all over is another way to say….a new painting develops most of the time…and sometimes it’s really a totally new painting.

I’ve got to be cautious here as now I’m seeing another title come to mind. I hate titling work but it’s almost as bad to have a title too early on as it then it makes me think too much and it ruins the whole process……and caution is the worst of the whole deal. A painting should have courage and liveliness…………well, except when it should be calm and serene. Decisive might be a better word…confident and decisive.

For this one, I can see some spottiness in the upper ground that need some glazing over to make it less so. The foreground is the place that will need the caution vs. courage to pull off. If I add too much, it will be ruined and hence another life will have to begin.

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