YIKES………Art Basel-Miami Beach is almost upon me. I leave for Dallas day after tomorrow early as I have things to do there before flying out on Thursday.

BUT, first I need to figure out what I’m taking with me to a place that has a forecast of rain every day and upper 70’s for temps….when it is upper 20’s right now here at home with highs in the 50’s……..Even more important is the same old thing that happens every time I’m going anywhere for any time spent walking around……SHOES, what shoes??? I know, I know, comfy shoes, and then you have to think of the weather again and shoes that are warm or cool. So off to the department store again just to look to make sure I haven’t overlooked something I need when I don’t even know what that is.

I might also need a couple of bright colored tops that aren’t too hot….and everything seems to be totally neutral in the closet as I looked at it this morning and I need jeans that are actually long enough………….

Back from the mall…. and so much for that idea. They didn’t have my size to try on of the shoes I wanted to try…..some comfort ballet style flats. Will try again in Dallas Wednesday if I have time, but will just have to take what I have in case that doesn’t work out either.

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