Am I bad? For feeling relief that the last grandkid is out the door just now. I love them all dearly but back to school they go on Monday and my life is back to a normal routine, I hope.

I’ve got six pieces on paper on the work table trying to get the matting/framing done. One frame (for the 48 x 48″ canvas) was damaged in transit so will have to be re-cut and sent again sometime in the coming week. Did I mention??? I HATE matting and framing works on paper. Every time I do it, I remind myself….how about just gluing these down on panels and not framing or just paint on canvas or panels in the first place. However, I seem to not heed that advice and just keep on working on paper while traveling, etc.

On top of that I couldn’t help but tweak one of the square paintings I’m going to frame…… I had to haul it back outside for some slides after the tweaking. Framing will put an end to that.

During the time the kids were here I decided to get all the tax stuff printed out and piled up ready to start on soon………soon I promise. No sense in putting it off too long or I won’t be able to get anything done with a clear heart/mind for thinking of it. Everyone says….”take it to the accountant”……….my husband says, “you can do it” so I keep doing it. I will say that by doing it yourself you do learn about how to do things you would never learn on your own. Just picked up a new 2″ thick “Your Income Tax 2007” as mine was old from 2003 and I figure they’ve changed a lot since then. It’s actually easier to find some of this stuff in the book than it is on the IRS site unless you have specifics to look for like a form, etc.

All I can say is “thank you, thank you, thank you, to whoever invented the internet so we can look up and research just about anything that comes to mind.

The weather people promised sun and 70 degrees today but they missed it, as is fairly common. Maybe for awhile tomorrow before another front comes in. I can hope as I feel sunlight deprived although I know we still need rain.

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