OKAY………..back to work, finally. I just had to let go of my “conception“.

Actually, not let go exactly..more of adjust to let what comes,come. I know some people know what they want to do and then just “do it”…………for me that’s okay when I have a commission and something to start with. In this case, I’ve been staring at a new substrate and a new concept all at one time. It was keeping me out of the studio……….too much thinking and not enough doing.I still know my basic conception for these pieces and if it works out that will be good, if not, then on to what will work in the end.

I got a couple of layers of paint on the panels, then I got stalled with thinking of the direction I wanted to go………I know and I don’t know…ha-ha, do you know what I mean? For one thing I don’t want to get bogged down in doing the same old thing, so no texture under these pieces to start off. On top of that, these are smooth panels. Good gosh, every nuance shows immediately. Finally I got out the charcoal and just starting making marks………on all 9 at one time. I’m so used to working on large pieces that I could get piddly with these things with little brushes, too……..so I tell myself to just go for it. After all, I can cover a whole lot of territory and a lot of layers with this small a panel. I finally got the opaque paint out and went for one of them…..there went all that beautiful transparency. It had to go, it just wasn’t my mode of painting now. That’s one of the things I learned a long time ago…………cover up that pretty transparent texture stuff up before it takes over and ruins the whole painting. For some people that wouldn’t work; for me it works as transparency is not my style.

Nothing to show yet…………later.

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