Bad Bad………..yeah, I gotta own up to it, I have not entered anything into the blog for a week. Not so bad really, as I did have to go out of town and that got me out of the studio. Getting out of my groove so to speak but sometimes it’s hard to get back to something that you left “in process”. It beckons to me, that work waiting in the studio………but I just put it off and put it off as I don’t know where I’m going.

I know I said before I was giving myself permission not to go where I first thought I would. But I lied. I still want to do the initial conception……… to figure out what exactly will get me there since there are several roads at least to the end of the process.

But back to my trip last week. I loaded up 21 paintings to take to a gallery in Big D. The gallery owner is a lovely woman and she liked my work. We’re going to give it a try to see how it goes with her representing me, at least through the summer so we can both decide on continuing the relationship. She and a designer up there for a large townhome/condo complex are going to use some of my work for their model home. Crossing my fingers here that everyone just loves my work and wants it………or something similar commissioned anyway. The gallery is the Norwood-Flynn Gallery on the south shore of Bachman Lake near Love Field. It is only open until the first of April by appointment only until some remodeling is done. Call if you are in the area. They seem to be keeping the amount of artists they represent to about a dozen or so….that’s a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

I also met with another artist friend I’d not seen in some time. We had a lovely lunch, talked a bunch and visited a gallery in Snider Plaza. This is also a new gallery named Cerulean Gallery. They were hanging a show for an opening on Friday night. I hope I didn’t get in the way as I talked to the owner/director and one of the artists who came in to hang her work. I especially enjoyed talking with Liz London, the artist hanging her work. She had some really neat light boxes that had been painted in layers behind the plexiglas and also collaged. Really neat looking at the ones that had been installed with the light coming through. I would hate having to see after getting all the lights to work though if it was me.

I also ran down to the Marty Walker Gallery down in the design district on Farrington off Manufacturing St. Really interesting work there and I met the gallery owner there as well. It’s fun to go into new galleries…all the personnel are right there ready to talk to you about their love of the work they show. Marty Walker used to work for the Conduit Gallery (another of my favorites in Dallas)as a curator for their small gallery room for new artists. This gallery also has a few artists studios there in the complex area.

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