2nd stage of diptych

Beginning stages of diptych

As you can see, I have been in the studio……….working back and forth for short periods of time. There is no point in working for too long at a time for me or I’ll just make a mess.

Now if I had space to work on 15-20 things at a time, maybe I could just rotate around to each in their own time. So this is my process…….work furiously for a short time, then go do something else and then come back and do more.

Sometimes there is a lot changed from one session to the next and sometimes people might have to hunt for the changes. Digital pictures also don’t show surface quality that much and that is the final part of the process. Anyone working with acrylic knows that just finessing that final finish can make you start all over. Such is the magic and the frustration with acrylic painting. A lot of time is spent just thinking and looking until the moment is right to “just do it”.

Right now I’m in the middle…or I think I am, unless something totally different happens. These two canvases are 40 x 30″ and 40 x 40″ and I plan for them to be shown as a diptych.

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