Busy morning around here….but the new diptych is finished, photographed (with slides) and a trip to FedEx made to ship a different painting to my friend Gwen Pentecost in Pinetop, AZ. Gwen has graciously extended an invitation to me to show some of my Little Pieces of Land series in a show there at Joyous Lake Gallery in August.

Back to the diptych……….I went back to work on it not knowing if it would take a few strokes of paint or a lot. If you’ve ever worked with acrylic you know how it dries darker than it looks when you are in the process of painting it. It can look just gorgeous and then you go back the next morning and it’s deader than a doornail.So you have to work all over the painting just about every time you pick up the brush. Sometimes, like this time, I’m fortunate that I didn’t have to do that. This painting ended up not taking that much more work and the colors seemed to all come together….it’s a moody painting so I decided extending the value range was not something I wanted to do. It’s title is still “new diptych”….any good ideas out there for a title???

Still gotta go put more paint on the sides and keep myself from adding more anywhere else (you know artists)………varnish and put hangers on…then they can go to the corner of the storage so I can get to work on something else.

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