I had a great time visiting the Gee’s Bend quilt show on exhibit for the last week at the Orlando Art Museum. We watched the video where they interviewed/talked with the women who made many of the quilts. It’s amazing how they describe their process of creating and designing the quilts….different words for the same way most artists describe theirs, whether it’s painting, mixed media, sculpture, etc. Some worked with a plan or vision of what they wanted to do….and then strayed away from the original idea and went with what they had and felt would work. More than that, for these women was that they had limited materials available and used what they had so they wouldn’t waste anything. This is just a reminder that we should all do this more, for creativity’s sake as well as the sake of our planet.Beauty from the detrius that would be filling landfills.

Just as much or more fun was visiting with artist friends, Martha Marshall and Linda Stanley. Martha drove up past my hotel coming from Tampa to Orlando. We then went over to Linda’s house and visited her studio there. I envy all the outdoor “rooms” she has there around the pool and the Koi pool.

Bummer, I just looked and found I left the camera cord at home so I can’t download the pictures I took yesterday at the resort …….fantastic place here and our room is on the 18th floor looking out over all the pools meandering around between the two hotels here at GrandeLakes. The only bad thing is no free internet access in a high end hotel (and the more moderate and low lend in these companies have free)….go figure, huh! Guess I’ll have to pay for a day here and there to check email and what’s going on out there. Too bad I don’t play golf and I’m a wimp at the spa workout stuff. If I get really bored, I can go work out over at the Ritz spa…..or maybe better just put on my walking shoes and walk up and down stairs, and around the grounds which would be more interesting than a treadmill or elliptical machine.

A big storm blew through yesterday afternoon here…and maybe another tonight. Orlando needs the rain though and it’s not storming all the time…in fact bright sunshine right now so no complaint from me. Linda and I will probably take in a theme park tomorrow since I’ve never been to one. You can’t come to Orlando without thinking of theme parks…especially if you’ve never been.There aren’t a lot of art galleries here….maybe that’s a good thing. Sometimes all I do is art at home in the studio and visiting art galleries and museums when I travel. There are other things in the world besides art. I tend to forget that some time.

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