Where to start, where to start. I really don’t know. If you want to go stay at a large resort outside Orlando (and have a large wallet)…go to GrandeLakes. Beautiful grounds, many places to eat, spa, golf, etc. and near the Disney attractions. It is outside the city so have a good map and a car. This photo was taken from the 18th floor and shows a lot of the way the back looked from that viewpoint.

Since I’d never been to a Disney theme park, Linda said we MUST go to the original park and off we went one day to make a day of it. It was fun and I can imagine how much fun it would be to a kid….of any age. We happened upon Goofy and someone to take a picture so here you are…….kinda a Goofy shot of Linda and me and our friend.

After three changes in the departure schedule we finally got back to Dallas last night and then on home today. I’m now unpacked with lots to do……….oops no mother’s day cards went out since I was out of town. The phone will be busy tomorrow.

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