X^#)&^%H^….has anyone else every dropped a fluorescent tube ? I just did a short while ago and am trying to cool off from the frustration. One of my studio fixtures started blinking before I went to Florida….so when I was out the other day at Lowe’s I picked up a couple of tubes of the daylight replacement tubes. Should I try to install them myself….I have in the past??? DH was over at his folk’s house doing what he has to do there every week and I wanted to see what I was doing in the studio……so, after waffling around for awhile about whether I would fall while installing I put two chairs up that were about the right distance apart.

Needless to say….IT WASN’T MY FAULT one of them fell out and shattered clear to the next county. And to think I’d spent the morning vacuuming around here in the house and now I may have tracked some of the glass shards on my flip-flops. I’m taking a break right now from gathering up the big pieces but I’m afraid that these tiny little pieces may show up FOREVER over and under every nook and cranny in the studio and beyond.

Just what I get for needing to get in the studio… but what can I do but whine and gripe about not having a helper around here some days

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