Buffing the two encaustic collages. Ya’ know I think it takes longer for the pigments in the wax to dry enough to buff when you use oil paint for a colorant than when you just use the encaustic paints you buy. If it does or not, these two pieces with lots of paper collage elements took even longer to get dry enough to be able to buff up. It didn’t help that I kept adding more wax medium either. My friend Christy says she thinks it’s best to wait about 6-7 days anyway.

I luuuuuve the beautiful shine you get when you do buff them up….but my pieces are not the kind of encaustic works that have the very smooth, flat, mirror-like finishes. I didn’t plan on doing that since I like the real… and apparent texture whether or not it’s wax or acrylic.

One of these pieces has elements that are much thicker than the other elements….I was trying to figure out what I thought was the best way to handle this. Is there a best way, anyway? My way is the best way for MY work. As long as it doesn’t fall off in the floor anyway.

I still haven’t checked with the Dallas gallery owner to see if she’s going to want to see these in person………maybe I’ll wait until I get all of them done. What a “waffler” I am, huh! I may even head to Dallas tomorrow for a couple of days but I haven’t packed yet. The weather keeps going from sun to rain all within hours around here. Time for the sun to stay out for awhile.

Well heck….blogger won’t let me load the two images. Maybe I’ll close out this post and then post them later.

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