More tools for the tool challenged!

Yep…..went out and got me a butane torch….while I was there in Lowe’s I also got a cheap window box fan and a good fire extinguisher.

I joined a new artist group….the International Encaustic Artists. And from information I’m reading, maybe considered I should trade my heat gun that draws so much power for a butane torch. Got me a little uneasy as this stuff is flammable and I’m not that much of a tool person. Don’t get me wrong, I luuuuve tools and art supplies but I’m a little uneasy about flames/heat shooting out of a torch. I was this way with the heat gun at first, too…took me about an hour to figure out this is a neat tool only to be confronted with the power problem. One highly recommended butane torch I discovered had to have a proprietary refill that I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find locally and easily……..SO I bought a different one and found they have a kinda new model that says it’s “all the power and half the size”. That sounded good to me as I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and don’t want to hold anything too heavy for long.

Humm…now I gotta go clean out the studio and there is WAAAY too much stuff in there and it needs organizing again and I can then set all this stuff up. Guess I’ll have to get up early if I want to “vent” fumes out by way of an open window with a box fan. If so, that’s just the way it will have to be until I think of an alternative. My studio used to be a 20 x 20′ garage…but part of it is about 6 x 17′ art storage closet. I think now I need at least a 20 x 40′ studio ….and preferably with A/C, an exhaust fan and heavy duty electric breakers…..oh yeah, lots of light for my failing eyes

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