Storage………solving the problem!

As I keep making more of these encaustic panel paintings, I keep thinking of how to store them in the studio. And how will they be taken care of and stored by galleries. I got out my Uline catalog and looked and looked. Finally, I went to their site and just plugged in 13 x 13 x 3″ in the corrugated cardboard category and came up with what I thought would be a good solution. These are called “literary mailers” and resemble a good, heavy pizza box but with the 3″ depth. Taking advice from Joanne Mattera’s wonderful encaustic book, I have lined the boxes with small bubble wrap and put a piece of glassine on the top of the panel. I also printed out an image onto light weight poster sheet I had in the office…and a small image for the spine in case they are held in the gallery storage this way………voila! I think this will do to protect the panel and also make it easy for me or the gallery people to pull this work when not hanging on the wall.

I can also pack this up with extra bubble and enclose in a larger box for shipping when necessary.

Now….somewhere on the internet, or in a book, I found a statement an artist printed out to put on the back of their encaustic paintings…..hum, now where is it? I need something similar edited to fit my work. Hope I don’t have to just go and re-invent the wheel on this.

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