I didn’t add a photo the other day while reporting on my trip to Dallas. I was working on my 10th encaustic when I left and started an 11th one at Deanna Wood’s one day encaustic workshop. The one I was working on when I left is now finished (I think). I’ve found that encaustic is kinda like soft pastel, not finished until out the door as you can keep thinking of little tweaks here and there you might add or subtract.

Anyway, the one I was working on when I left is a collage and I used some images from a Whistler show I saw at the Fort Worth Modern back a while ago. So it’s titled Patina Series 10, Salute to Whistler. It will actually need more time to “cure” since I used more oil paint in this than usual and it takes longer before you can actually buff it up well.

The other encaustic painting, Patina Series, 11 is strictly encaustic paint……a landscape. I started it at Deanna’s studio but just did what I’ve been doing on other pieces…..loving that texture but being careful that it isn’t texture just for texture’s sake. After all, it’s the painting, not the medium.

One more little 12 x 12″ panel to go………oh yeah, and my homemade 24 x 24″ canvas covered panel.

It’s getting hotter and hotter, might have to do some acrylic on canvas for a time.

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