Yep, it’s the perogative of artists and women everywhere that we can change our minds.

Overnight I kept thinking….why not just use this shipment as a test for an encaustic to go ground (4 day ground at that)…….and see what happens? At least it’s only one piece. I packed it up good in its own little storage box, put it in the middle of another panel (not encaustic) in it’s own little box …and then more small paintings on the top and bottom. I even put some styrofoam in and around to help insulate and keep it all from moving.

Other reason……..I need to get the stuff all put away that stretches from the dining table to the work table in the studio to the storage closet. BIG MESS is an understatement.

On my way to FedEX I got a call from my daughter to keep the grandkids this afternoon so it’s a good thing I was already on my way. I felt a little guilty for being so busy lately so we made brownies. Their dad came to get them just as the brownies came out of the oven so they took half home so I won’t be tempted and I saved the others for Curry when he gets home tomorrow.

So the work should be there before I head off to the show in AZ and I hope they work for the gallery when they see them in person.

Hum…maybe I can relax for about an hour with the newspaper.

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