Slowly…a little at a time. That’s what it takes sometime to get my studio in a little more order. Today I took slides of the last of the small encaustics and printed out little images for all the boxes and stored them away, except for the ones going to the show this week-end. So…….since I had more of those boxes, I decided it would be a good idea to box up the acrylic 12 x 12″ panels I painted just before I started with the wax. I didn’t have to do all the bubble padding on these but I did print out the little images for the boxes and now they are all lined up nicely in the closet..

And for several days I’ve had the light box, and a mass of slides I’d been putting off organizing, numbering, etc and filing away….Whew, finally through with that and all that put away. I’m all caught up with every single painting having a slide or one still in the slide camera. When all that film I ordered quite some time back is gone I guess it’s time to stop taking slides and just convert entirely over to digital.

Gosh, now I can actually see all the wax paraphernalia all over the table top again…….and the 24 x 24″ panel that is not covered in the first layer of beeswax yet. I know, I SAID I was getting out the acrylic but for some reason I figure it would be a good idea to put the first layer on this piece so it will be ready to go when I get the urge to pull out the wax in cooler weather. It takes a LONG time to get one layer on a 24 x 24 with canvas over panel. Maybe tomorrow I can get the center part layered in. I’m going to put all this stuff away and come back from AZ with a studio ready to paint in.

Well……grandkids will be here tomorrow and Curry is back home, too……so I can hope anyway.

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