I’m sorry to say I really don’t have any pictures yet. I took two cameras but the gallery owner’s husband, Lloyd, loves photography so he will get me some later and I will post some.

My daughter did take a few as we prepared to leave Love Field, Dallas. This is her boyfriend and my excellent pilot, Paolo, in the picture with me. The “in flight” picture is from somewhere over New Mexico. Your guess is as good as mine.

I had a wonderful time meeting Gwen, Lloyd, and all the people who came into the gallery during the two reception times. We even had an interview with an area magazine that I look forward to showing you all later when I get the information.

We had some serious “lookers” and it is the usual thing not to have sales during the receptions but later when they can really come back and think more. One large painting sold before the show opened. And two sold in other galleries right while I was gone…..so feeling pretty good right now.

But as all good trips must end, I am now back into the house getting things in order and will get into the studio as soon as I can to get all the UpTime out of this great cycle right now as I can. Hum…maybe I should order more canvas…and I have some panels being made.

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