What’s up with me and blue/green lately? Seems like I’m making lots of blue/green paintings. Oh yeah, I have to admit this goes in cycles. I paint so many orange and red paintings and then something’s gotta give and I paint cool tones for a while.The same thing happens with direction since I’m prone to paint vertical paintings so now and then I have to paint some horizontal ones.

Just hope the trend is for these colors right now. I do read up on that stuff now and then but by the time I get around to trying some new trend, it is no longer new half the time. Guess anything I paint will just have to wait for its own special “time” or wait around for the next cycle to come by.

Who knows as this is only the second layer of what sometimes turns out to be MANY layers, but it’s still blue/green. By the time it’s finished I might be feeling orange/red again! Of course that will be a lot of paint since these two pieces are a total size of 40 x 70″.

So much for the idea of keeping your in process stuff hidden until finished. But, that idea is just not my personality anyway. I’m using this blog to communicate with myself as much as anyone else.

Back to work!

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