I’ve been back in the studio but haven’t found anything to post to the blog. Seems like I’m always prefacing my blog entries with apologies for not posting. I’m going to stop doing that.

Usually I yell hallelujah to have nice sunny weather but I’m getting ready for a little cooler weather and I need rain on my lawn………..SO today the cool front is due to arrive.

We’re still in limbo on the farm/ranch but that will go on for some time. In the studio I’m preparing for a 40 x 70 diptych for a client in Austin, TX……..also another the same size that is not divided into two canvases. The first one will be along the lines of The Red Thread and the other similar to Collioure 3, except as a horizontal rectangle instead of a square. (image cropped and shown).

I don’t have that great a memory for all the layers of all my paintings so I’ll just have to wing it and hope it works out. Sometimes later paintings are better and then there are the times that the first ones hold the “magic” that is gone when that one is finished. We’ll see. Someone mentioned a quote (I am so bad at remembering things verbatim)……..to the tone of “good enough is not good enough”. That’s my philosophy as well so I’ll be trying for excellence, not just good enough.

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