I worked like a demon and got the diptych similar to The Red Thread 90% finished. Then I found out the contract wasn’t in the mail after all. Why is it that with design people it’s always “hurry up and wait”? Yeah…I know, they need to know what the artist can do, how much and how fast, then they submit to the client and they also wait just like we do for the final contract.

My large canvases were ready yesterday so I’ll be “prepared” if nothing else.

Oh well, waiting is one of those things we all have to do sometimes. So, it was a good time for a little break……..and those darn trick or treaters, came got their chocolate candy and for the first time in my 39 1/2 years in this house someone threw eggs at my newly washed SUV and house. What gets into their minds you wonder that they don’t know that eggs can actually ruin the finish of paint on an auto? I’m just happy to have found it so quickly in the morning before it set up too long or the heat hit it.

Oh yeah…….these little Gremlins are two of my grandkids. They got the first chocolate picks, of course.

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