My friend Robin mentioned recently she was glad to see that I didn’t have a problem with getting a commission to look like another painting I’d done previously.

All my galleries and a design firm all wanted The Red Thread. So I was asked if I could make another diptych very similar. Of course, I said yes. Yes, that is if it’s okay to make something similar and not an exact duplicate. So I set to work and did this as The Red Thread 2. I realized the color is a little more emphatic than the first one. When I put them up side by side just now, I see that the “sky” is also a lot bluer and this new one is a lot more detailed in the foreground. I like both of them but the first one is a little more subtle and more monochromatic. Hope the design firm likes the second one the way it is since it is “similar”. Guess we’ll see soon enough.

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