. 1954-55 Barbara Hepworth, Two Figures
Teak and paint
(57 x 24 x 17 1/2 in.)

A Whirlwind still….I don’t leave here until noon…or the airport anyway.

The trip to Chicago has been so much fun. I’ve never been to this city and it is bustling and moving all the time. The Gold Coast B & B was a fantastic place to stay and situated so well for getting around the downtown areas. One of my Paint-l friends, Elin Pendleton and her husband were here and staying at the B & B and that was also a real plus.

The Hilligoss Gallery owner asked me to send him some digitals of my work. It would be a good place for my work….we’ll see what happens.My diptych looked wonderful in it’s place in the show, if I say so myself. It could be seen from the front door of the gallery when entering…on the staircase leading up to the second level. The gallery does a wonderful job of lighting, too.

There were two evening receptions so time for just getting out and about was at a premium. I finally got to the Art Institute yesterday. I didn’t want to miss the Jasper Johns “Gray” show that just opened. Although I thought gray would be a little too much for me, I was intrigued by his work, the mark-making and layering. I should have bought the catalog since it appears to have wonderful photos of the work…I’m.too cheap so I’ll get it later maybe online. I look forward to reading more than you can read walking around reading wall cards. No photos were allowed for temporary shows so I don’t have any. I did take a few of other works in the Permanent Collection….then remembered I didn’t take a photo of the wall cards for them so I only remember for sure a Kurt Schwitters, and Barbara Hepworth piece.

Leaving the Institute there were protestors about the war milling around and a fellow playing sax…what a combination. I walked for a ways and even came across the “Bean” and other sculptures in parks as I walked. Then I even crossed the Chicago River and took this picture from the walkway.

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