From the title…you know what this means. The marathon is the two days before Thanksgiving and/or Christmas Dinner. Chopping and dicing….making lots of cornbread for dressing has begun. No bread in this East Texas dressing either….100% cornbread, eggs, onions, celery, sage, salt and pepper to taste and plenty of broth from a hen…no turkey. Turkey is a whole separate thing. Gotta have that good ole fat hen or it just won’t do. My son and his wife are bringing a Cajun fried turkey from Louisiana…okay.. okay…only 65 miles across the state line but it’s a good line anyway. It’ll be something new like the year my son in law made tur-duck-in…or however you spell it. I keep thinking I’ve got to make something more healthy and less of it, too. You know that never works since everyone has their favorite thing that we really MUST have.

I’ve been to the grocery store a couple of times already but I must remember to get another fridge ’cause there is never enough room. Then there is the fact that I can’t make up my mind between a couple of different sides so I buy for both just in case. No time for homemade rolls this year either. I try to make them every year but this year I’ll be hauling all this to the farm 30 miles away and I just can’t do it all and haul it, too. Another thing…no microwave and a huge kitchen with hardly any working counter space and work pattern is non existent. I have to do it all mostly here. Wish I could have the time for walking down through the pastures and woods looking for branches and leaves for decoration like my mother in law used to do.

This year I’m dedicating this Thanksgiving day to our dear papa and granny. They passed away 18 days apart in Sept/Oct…..We had so many wonderful holidays over there at the farm/ranch, and now they’re gone. Maybe we’ll have the place next year, and then, maybe not so this year is the year. It won’t be the same without them and their generosity and love of sharing a good meal and talk with the people they love most….but we’ll try.

Oh yeah….the Rachael Ray mention…..such a lovely, energetic young woman and she was on TV when I started this…so I remembered her tip for having a “garbage bowl’…..good tip, too, Rachael. Maybe someday I’ll have my TV and computer in range of the kitchen so I can actually listen and write without running all over the house.

Back to the chopping………….


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