The cooking marathon is winding down for today. I’m getting tired of power outages around here though. And right in the middle of my pumpkin pie. This is the one (low calorie with no crust) my daughter had on her lists of MUST make. At least it wasn’t the pie with the crust as it wouldn’t have fared as well in a 40 minute outage. The temperatures dropped in a few hours from 80 to 50’s…and about time as I had to turn on the a/c yesterday with all the baking.

I’ll mix up the sweet potato casserole in the morning and bake it at the farm. All cutlery so I’ll have enough for 16 people and some extra tablecloths along with all the food I fixed and head over there in the morning. Maybe I should stop for some flowers along the way if I have the time just in case there is no time for branch gathering.

The fridge is groaning……….the dressing needs a touch of salt but less is better than more.

The UPS man just delivered my prize for winning ” Best Design” in the Summer Creative Catalyst exhibit recently juried by Ann Baldwin. How nice that I got an Arches watercolor pad and a Canson drawing pad and a certificate……presents already and not even Christmas.

I hope all reading this will have a wonderful Thanksgiving with all the people you hold dear. I won’t warn you to watch what you eat after making the chocolate pie that could be called “high cholesterol pie”…..but it my husband’s favorite so I have to make it.

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