Busy busy busy……….did I mention busy?

That’s the way things are around here for quite some time. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with all my kids and grand kids, even a few extras at the farm. We just set the table with what we could find there and with what we brought in. I even set the kitchen table with the blue and white turkey plates. My daughters brought flowers, my son in law went out to the woods for autumn branches. Good thing that there were a few attractive ones left from all the wind we’ve experienced lately. We even found my mother in law’s grandmother’s old buttermilk pitcher to put the flowers in on the table.

The kids brought their four-wheelers and son in law and son went hunting and got two deer. Great aunt cringed when she heard all the rifle shots as she just can’t bear thinking of shooting “Bambi”.

Studio time is practically non-existent right now……….but soon, soon, I’ll have time. Christmas will be quiet since one part of the family is traveling to Idaho.

But back to packing up about ten paintings…………I have a new gallery showing my work in Chicago. Hilligoss Galleries at 520 Michigan Ave. Go by if you’re near or visiting Chicago.

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