Hooray………all 4 boxes for the Hilligoss Galleries shipment are packed, boxed, a consignment sheet printed and the FedEX labels all attached. They won’t actually ship until Monday so they don’t languish in a distribution center over the week-end.

Something about this process reminded me of being a mom…getting my babies out there to face the world. You work for years to do the best you can to nurture your creativity and you have to have the discipline to get in the studio, learn your craft/art techniques, and come up with a body of work you can be proud of. You have to buckle down and learn how to present yourself, your work and market it …………….then, when the time is right, it/they go out into the world on their own. You hope for the best. Whatever happens or not, if you’ve done your best, you can feel good.

Okay….so now to make more of this work, I’m too old for babies.

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