Collioure 4……..acrylic on canvas, 40 x 70″

Good news came my way from the Seattle gallery owner yesterday afternoon. She sold a couple more small panel paintings. Nice way for me to end the year although I suppose it will be in 2008 sales accounting due to the timing.

Other good news is that I think I have the 40 x 70″ Collioure 4 painting now finished. At least I think it is….what do y’all think? I took the picture about noon to send to the Austin gallery owner. If the client they are working with will get all their stuff together it will be a good beginning to the year for me with two large 40 x 70’s to ship/deliver as a commission. IF NOT, no wasted time as I can send these to another gallery. Although I must admit I did get bogged down a little with doing commissions and not finishing up some other work. Oh well…nothing lost, as I will now set that work up on the easel wall and get back to it. …three diptychs…or if they just won’t reconcile to my satisfaction, then there may be six separate paintings. I won’t lock myself into having to finish them as I started them since some time has passed.

With galleries now in Dallas, Seattle, Chicago and Long Grove, IL, Pinetop/Lakeside,AZ, Baton Rouge and Covington, Louisiana………along with doing some work for some design firms, I’ve got my work cut out for me in 2008. It should do a lot for my work ethic.

On the endings front, not so good. I’ve lost two family members and three friends (two artists) this year. They will be sorely missed. Although the family members had a long, full life and it was to be expected at some point, these friends were just too young to go at 59, 62, and 64 yrs old. But we just don’t have choices in this regard. Farewell dear friends, Patti and Ann…… and

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