Call me hyper….been drinking way too much coffee until I feel like I’m running around in circles.

I snitched the image of the TXWAX-Dallas show from Robin Walker’s blog to put up on my blog so maybe someone who lives in the Dallas area can see it and come down to the show. The opening reception is Friday night, 6-8 pm. C.A.M.P (Collaborating Artist Media Project) is located at 2631 Commerce St. in Deep Ellum.

I’m fortunate to have three small 12 x 12″ panels of encaustic in that show. Here is one of my collage/encaustic paintings………Patina 10 – Salute to Whistler.

If you don’t hear from me again for a time, I’m either on the road to take paintings to galleries, or painting walls (I’d rather be in the studio) out at the farm again.

All this is going to keep me young or kill me, don’t know which but I hope the former.

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