I have been painting…but it’s been walls at the farm and not at the easelthis week. I remembered to take a couple of snapshots as I left today. As you can see there is work to be done, starting with a new roof. The garage apartment is where I hope to have my studio….IF I don’t have it there, I won’t be a happy camper. Of course, maybe I should build one..but why with 1000 square feet up there. My husband is trying to get me to consider the well house right there next to the garage but it’s not large enough and I think it needs to be repaired A LOT. Besides the fact the laundry and well, etc are in there.

The front three rooms of the house date to 1832 I found out on the county tax records site….that was before there was the current county so it’s interesting. The top floor was taken out by a tornado around 1930 so they just built out the back and the other buildings are from the same time. Not a fancy house but one with fond memories for our kids and grandkids now, too.

I don’t know what possessed me but I chose a golden squash yellow paint for the front bedroom…hope I can live there or should I say sleep with those colored walls. I thought it was a little more ochre than it turned out when on all the walls. Now I think I better be thinking of the gray and cream for fabrics to help tone it down some. I’d been thinking of a nice neutral violet ash but decided that might be too cold for a northeastern exposure. However, khaki and white reign supreme for the office and living area. I’ll think of other rooms as the time comes.

Oh yeah….I did get to New Orleans/Covington to make a delivery to my gallery there. We also set up for a show for next May so I’m excited about that and that I got to visit a friend who moved from here a few years ago.

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