Do ya!

Yeah… I’m listening to a tune from KT Oslin……….Do ya. I shore do is what she says. I hope my DH does ’cause I just ordered a queen bed for the front bedroom at the farm. My daughter found it in Dallas for $300 and it retailed for $1300………so what could I say but “buy it”. Now the thing is to convince him it’ s a good deal since we have two or three extra beds there at the farm. although not queen size. Any one want to buy a full size bed….give me a call!

AND, I’m working on a couple of 20 x 20 cm collages for the International Mini-Art Exchange. Wow, how could I have waited so long to get my work in for this?? This work goes to Brazil for an exchange with my friend Clara Pechansky and all the people involved with this exchange internationally. Stay tuned for my work to be sent.

And, ever more important in some instances is that I sold a big commission to an Austin, TX company. I just delivered it to Austin yesterday. Twelve hours driving back and forth is NOT good, let me tell you, but I came home with a check in my pocket and a good possibility for another one in the near future.

And, the other down side………I have to go pick this bed up in Dallas in the next couple of days and put it together………….

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