“The keenest observer makes use of every kind of sensory information. In fact, the greatest insights often come to individuals who are able to appreciate the sublimity of the mundane, the deeply surprising and meaningful beauty of everyday things.”……….David Jiles, PhD.from his book, ReThinking Thinking, and the article, Observation, at Creativity-Portal.

I’ve often reminded myself (well, not often, but you know what I mean), when I see something so mundane as a barn or an apple or “whatever” painted in some new or different perspective. We all should slow down and take time to really observe. I’m consumed with this slowing down lately it seems as everything in my life seems to speed up. I’ve always loved be be in on the action….but only in drips and drabs enough to keep me energized. Without the times “out”, what would I have to promote what I love……the distillation of life in my work.

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