I’m not leaving home, I’m taking it with me. Or that’s the way it looks as I pack up my clothes, laptop, and electronic/camera stuff for a month in Italy.

So far nothing has been written in stone about what I’m taking. It’s just all laying out here on the guest room bed waiting to be closed and finalized for sure. You ask…..didn’t you say one time you’re never taking two (2) checked bags to Europe again? Well, yes, I did, several times. BUT, in thinking this over with the 50# rule for checked bags, I decided that a small bag extra would be a good idea for possible overflow coming and going. It will also come in handy for trips on a train (ask me how I know that one). Okay, okay, it’s just an excuse, but a very plausible one as big bags on trains are not a good thing.

Being there for a long time, we may want to go farther afield a time or two and stay over night so the smaller bag will work………and if not, then it is easy to loop the handles over the larger bag with wheels. The laptop bag holds the laptop, all the camera gear, toiletries and a t-shirt. Who knew how many extras you can have when you have to have all those chargers that go with the Nuvi with European maps, I-pod, phone, two cameras and lenses. Hum…gotta fit in all the vouchers and other stuff that pertains to the trip and a book or two…………..where oh where is it all going?

We leave here for the Houston airport Tuesday morning for an afternoon flight……….so there is a little time to take stuff out if needed, or heaven help me if I think of anything more to add.

Casa Rondini, here we come!

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