Tuesday …May 20

Progress on internet connection…I don’t know! I saw Bozena on the roof of the building where I think they
have Ethernet connection, placing/looking at cables. But it could be we had a storm last night. WAY in the night I vaguely remember hearing what could have been high winds and rain. It’s hard to hear that sort of thing here inside the buildings with the tile roofs and thick stucco. We have some rain collected on one terrace but it has receded on the other….a bit brisk, too, it appears so out will come the under-silks this morning.With the rain like this we may be doing laundry and making a run later for the supermarket.

Tomorrow will be one week since we arrived and still “unconnected”. My server may be over loaded….MAY, I must say PROBABLY. I should have gone no-mail on all my yahoo groups and still would have been overloaded.I hope my art dealers aren’t trying to email me with expectance of my quick reply as usual.

When we talked to Bozena she said that everyone in this area with the wireless company is having the same trouble. The IT people won’t even answer the phone as they don’t want to climb up on the clay tile roofs in the rain.It is not good for any of their business any more than it is not good for our communications with people from home.

We are fretting that we can’t share our pictures and fun time. Oh well, that’s the way it goes sometime.

The pasta night was great as expected. We all made our pasta as Bozena instructed with 100 grams flour, 1 egg and a pinch of salt and then ran it through the pasta machine (hand cranked). Then we used the ravioli crimper and used a ricotta and spinach filling.Franco served them with three different sauces…a tomato based, a sage white based, and garlic and basil. We also had bruschetta as a starter. Our dessert was some sort of tart with only 1 tablespoon flour with ice cream. Wooooo..way more food than I’m used to consuming on a regular basis.

Our upstairs neighbors from Wales, Andrew and Wendy, will be leaving in the morning. Some of the other group are going to be doing a walk across UK for two weeks. We will get new neighbors today.

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