Thursday, May 22

Still no internet this morning. Good thing I had my bills mostly paid before I left but I need to do some other financial tracking as well as all the mail piling up. Surely nothing major has happened or I would have gotten a call. Also no way to check the weather forecasts or check train schedules or make reservations for an overnight if we want to go to a place out of our driving range.

The idea for today is to go to Siena…………..or maybe to the abbey at Mt. Oliveto I visited the other time.

Wonderful trip to Siena. I found the perfect bag for my camera and long lens, too. Since I brought all this camera stuff in a rolling laptop bag with the laptop, I really didn’t have a good way to haul it around while out of that bag. Woo….this red bag can hold my XT Rebel and the 70-200L lens. You can’t see the shape here but it can be used as a small back pack or over the shoulder bag. Carolyn got the yellow one….aren’t we Italian now with our smart, colorful bags!

We also had some sun for a change…..yaaay! And a gelato again on the way out to the car. We allowed NUVI to guide us some of the time. When we decided our route (without the toll road) was best, we just didn’t listen to all those “recalculating” messages. I may have a new painting next year called “Recalculating”.

WE HAVE INTERNET at 8pm………now to wade through 500+ emails, contact people, etc.I did the usual bank stuff, talked in a fashion on Yahoo Voice with Curry..and IM with Cyn. After our Bruschetta supper with Chianti…we went back to the internet and it was GONE…….

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