Wednesday, May 21

We decided to head to Todi today. We’re hoping the internet will be back in service by tonight when we return. When we got down to the parking spaces, some of our neighbors had company who had just come from Todi and it was raining. We set out anyway in the hope it would be cleared by the time we got there……….NOT. We also could not find a parking spot except down outside the walk UP UP UP………whew this was the steepest climb so far for walking to a duomo. Everything was closed at first but finally opened up. Not much of a picture day with all the drizzle. I took some shots without the telephoto of the panoramic views and a few in the piazza….none allowed in the duomo when we go in. We had a good sandwich and beer at a bar as all others were only of the expensive hotel ristorante kind.

No internet when we returned.

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