Sunday, May 25

Yesterday I was able to get through to the Residenza Proconsolo and make a reservation for Tuesday night. We can also stay an extra night if we decide to. Will take train from Fabro station near here to Santa Maria Novella Station in Florence. We should have a 10 minute or so walk to the B & B. Having stayed there before, I know you only go out the front door and walk a block to the Doumo…you can even see it from the window of the room. We’ll be missing my Mississippi Art Colony friends as they will be arriving the day after we leave. Maybe we can still meet up in Assissi after the 31st.

We decided to make the drive to Deruta yesterday……..known all over the world for their ceramics. When we were driving along………..whoa, suddenly the road filled with goats. It was a large herd with its own “shepherd”………a herding dog. The dog barked at them to get the move on and over to the side of the road and barked at us for taking pictures of his “babies”.

Deruta was nice enough but we stayed a short time as they were preparing for a big celebration right there where we were for their soccer team’s big awards/celebration for wins.

We didn’t really see that much of Deruta probably since the town was preparing for a celebration/awards ceremony for their young soccer players to celebrate a big win. We did see quality work (according to my non-knowledge of ceramics) there in several shops we went in. One had PR posted on the wall about their work’s quality…..from the NY Times, no less. One other shop sends work to Neiman Marcus and to All Things Foreign in Snyder Plaza, Dallas, TX. I’ll have to remember to look for this in both places later on down the line. AND the prices were better for Olio bottles there than in Siena. I’m in the market for a new one so will keep looking as I broke one of mine not long ago.

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