June 6

Whew…am I tired. I didn’t really sleep well last night knowing I had to be up at 4:30 am to get ready for a long day to Rome and back. We went on the train again and also bought a ticket on the Green Line to be able to go on and off the bus for the “sights”. We spent most of the time in the Vatican and Sistine Chapel. We had a nice lunch at a restaurant near there and had a gelato on the way to the Trevi Fountain to throw a coin in for luck and that you will for sure come back to Rome one day………..then on to the Spanish Steps.

We barely made it back in time for the 5:12 pm return train trip. Tired for sure. I could see some of the other sights from the bus but we didn’t stay on it that long……also the Coliseum, etc. Maybe we’ll have time the evening before we return home to go into the city by metro …….and maybe not. We are staying at the Hilton at the airport so we can get out early for the 6:45am flight home on Wednesday. I took a couple of pictures at the signts we saw through the tour bus window……this one of the Coliseum is an example.

Oh yeah…………as we got home to Fabro, there was another rainbow waiting to greet us as we drove toward the house. It wasn’t anything like the sight that greeted us on the first day we were here, but it was a good omen we think.

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