June 7

This day (Saturday) started with a lot of fog….I just turned over and went back to sleep. I was up early looking out due to that darn humongous crow or whatever he is pecking on the glass of the French doors in the kitchen again.He starts about 5-6 am. The only day he hasn’t wakened us this week is the day we beat him up at 4:30 am to get ready for Rome.

Internet came back on so I uploaded some blog entries and downloaded to the laptop pictures from a couple of days. It looked like another good day for a pot of lentils so I did that as well.

A lot of the day is spent packing bags to see what will fit, and especially what will go in checked or carry-on baggage. Hum…what to wear now for the next couple of days???

The pictures for today were really made at the Vatican Museum in Rome yesterday………….those Romans sure did love their baths. This is not the largest of the tubs they have displayed there. Looks like a big party could be held in some of these….and probably was.

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