As my blog statement mentions……….what’s going on in the studio, or not! Well, not is it for right now. I’m anxiety ridden about needing to be in the studio but other comittments are taking me in and out of the house. That is just not conducive to working creatively when you are there. Your mind is just not there.

Work at the farm is coming along, although very slowly. I’ve been over several times since returning from Italy. This last visit was to take a new bathroom vanity over. We got it put together and some of the plumbing stuff done…now to wait for a real plumber for other things that need doing. I’m really not that much of a DIY person but my husband is always determined to try to do it himself unless he just has to call a service person. My thoughts are that for things like this, it is time. Who knew there were no water cut-offs until looking………well now we know. It’s not a good thought that you might have to have water turned off all over the place just to work on a shower installation or a lavatory update. Now we have a cut off in that bathroom for the lavatory……….slow progress for sure. Sticker shock for sure as well for “you know who”. Of course, he should know I’m a bargain hunter so I’m doing the best that I can with what I’ve got.

Don’t even think about me not still having painting going on in my mind..although you might wonder lately. It is there, all the beauty I soaked in while in Umbria..just waiting for the opportunity to escape into paint on canvas, or wax or collage on panel and paper.

Actually, I’m pulling out work for the show at the local art musuem to see what is available and to consider picking up a few pieces if needed. The show opens mid July with area artists featured this time, which is unusual. There is a 50 year celebration going on this year for our museum…I’m in the permanent collection there so I’m honored to have been selected for one of the shows.

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